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  • Target The Right Audience
  • Show your ad(s) to people who are more likely to need your services and solutions.
  • Upload your own photos or let us design your ad.
  • Make instant changes to your ad after it's been posted
  • Purchase a Featured ad for best placement and results
  • Ready? Start by choosing a category

Special Events & Opportunities. Share your news with thousands of Lottery Insider users!
Used Lottery Terminals
Starting a lottery - Need some terminals?
Career Opportunities
Keep up-to-date with Employment opportunities. Check out our Career Opportunity Openings. Finding the perfect fit just got easier...
Used Lottery Equipment
Great deals on unique items - Ticket vending machines, ball drawing machines, etc.
Industry Publications
Looking for a lottery publication? Want to track information on lottery sales, prizes, marketing, etc
Tenders, RFPs
Bid information, don't miss an opportunity.

Rates for our Classified Service vary depending ad size (word count), type of ad (Gif, JPG, design), location(s) and how often you would like to run the ad. All classified ads can include your organizations banner / logo at no additional cost.
If you would like more information please email: info at interplay.com.au

NOTE: Since the Chrome update in September (2018) flash will only work automatically in Internet Explorer and Firefox but not in Chrome. If website visitors use Google's Chrome after the latest update the browser now requires users to explicitly enable FLASH every single time, they want to use it.
Chrome no longer remembers this preference between sessions, so every time a user visits a site that uses Flash, they'll have to say "yes, I really want to enable this extension." If it sounds annoying, it absolutely is, and that's by design.
This is just another step on the timeline that Chrome and many other browsers have set upon to slowly, wean the public off Flash in anticipation of Adobe's official plan to end support for the plugin by 2020.
The next step in Chrome's timeline - summer 2019 - is to completely disable Flash by default, requiring users to go into their settings to enable the plugin every time they want it to run. After that, in 2020, it's game over for Flash entirely.

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